What Kind of Zombie Apocalypse Skill(s) Do You Have?

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If there was an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse, what kind of skill(s) can you offer? Not only to humanity, but to keeping yourself alive? Do you know:

  • First aid?
  • About weapons?
  • How to start a fire?
  • How to fix things?
  • How to build a shelter?
  • How to build anything in general?
  • How to garden and grow food?
  • How to navigate with a compass?

I remember a part in Max Brooks’ World War Z that talked about how when the survivors united to conquer the dead and rebuild civilization, people that had formerly been white collar workers suddenly found themselves amidst the lower echelons. No longer were they the leaders and decision makers. They were the ones taking orders because they didn’t know how to do anything, like make things or fix things. They only knew how to use things.

Then I watched Zombies: A Living History on the History channel. They covered the same thing. They said in a zombie apocalypse, the most valuable people will be the ones who know how to do something, like

  • first responders
  • engineers
  • doctors
  • farmers
  • mechanics

Secondary citizens will be ones who can’t protect or produce.

I’m screwed. I know how to cook, but fat lot of good that’s going to do me. I know a little about gardening, but to be honest, the birds, squirrels and rabbits have reaped more of my garden’s harvest the last two seasons than I have.

Other than that, I’m not much good. I don’t know squat about guns, my first aid is limited to wiping off wounds and bandaging them, and I sure am not good fixing stuff. Breaking, yes, but not repairing.

There is still time to learn some skills. After all, the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened yet.

The Red Cross is a good place to start. They offer all kinds of classes, including Emergency Preparedness Education and First Aid. See their Take a Class page to find ones near you.

If you have the time and money to attend the Wilderness Awareness School, they offer courses for learning to survive in the wild.

Midwest Native Skills Institute also offers training in survival, including homesteading, fire making, and edible and medicinal plant classes.

In addition to their Wilderness Survival School, the Nantahala Outdoor Center offers water rescue courses. This could come in handy too. (Particularly if M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs version of water-adverse aliens finds people flocking to waterways to avoid them. Need to know how to stay safe on the water too!)

And then there’s the Zombie Survivor Course which specializes in zombie apocalypse training.

What skill(s) would you like to learn?

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One Response to What Kind of Zombie Apocalypse Skill(s) Do You Have?

  1. ahalhas says:

    I would say the most important skills that I need to acquire is using firearms and to grow/find food. Everything else I got!

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