What Will Kill Me First: Aliens, Zombies or Diabetes?

Pardon the interruption. I know this is my first post in a while. I started off the year strong, with the best intentions to regularly post in fact, then Life threw me a curve ball.

It started last year actually. Late in October. That was the first time I fell ill, but it wouldn’t be the last for months. Almost like clockwork, I kept coming down with a new cold every two weeks.

I got excited and thought the cycle was broken at the start of this year when I went three weeks without getting sick again. But that was just a minor break. The worst was about to come.

In January I developed bronchitis. I have asthma anyway so bronchitis is scary. I ended up going to urgent care and getting a breathing treatment, and steroids (both oral and an injection.)

Then I managed to go three more weeks being healthy. Just long enough to get to my annual exam with my primary care physician. That’s when a new form of trouble started. They took blood and ran their tests and noticed my blood sugar was high. And A1c test confirmed it was high…and that I had diabetes.

Or so their tests said. Other than coming down with a cold every couple of weeks, I felt fine. I had none of the symptoms often associated with diabetes. I wasn’t thirsty all the time, didn’t need to pee constantly, no headaches or tiredness.

I felt the steroids probably had something to do with my off kilter numbers. But my doctor wouldn’t listen. Rather, her nurse practitioner, who she’d turned me over to, wouldn’t. She said I had diabetes and I was in denial and I needed meds STAT because otherwise I was in danger of doing a lot of damage to my body.

But when I went in for my diabetic teaching and they showed me how to use my blood glucose meter, my numbers were normal. I decided not to take the meds that first night and see what my numbers came out to be in the morning. In the pre-diabetic range, but still not where they expected them to be. Way under where they told me to shoot to try to get them in fact.

Four times a day for two weeks I took my blood without taking the meds. I watched my carbs and limited myself to only 30 grams per meal (15 for snacks). My numbers were great.

I also started doing something I hadn’t done in a long time…losing weight. I sought a second opinion and six weeks after being told I had diabetes and MUST take meds, I was in the normal range.

Now do I have diabetes? I guess so. But it’s under control currently. The new doctor feels I have more of a glucose impairment since I was able to make such a drastic drop in my numbers in such a short time with only diet changes alone. However, if I went back to my old eating habits? I’d definitely develop diabetes sooner or later…most likely sooner.

Guess what I’m not doing? If you guessed not eating like I used to, you’d be right!

I ended up taking time off from blogging to get a grip on my new condition…in more ways than one. ( I also happened to fall a major mental funk there in the beginning.)

But now? I feel great! Who knew all that sugar I was eating could make me feel so bad? And I didn’t even know it until I gave it up! I thought sugar always made me happy. It sure made my tongue happy!

My spirits have never been higher…nor has the scale been where it is now. When I started this blog back in October 2011, I weighed 194.4 pounds. I was frustrated and got to the point where I banned the scale. Why not? It never did anything except go up, no matter how fiercely I watched my calories or how much exercise I did.

Sadly, I should’ve been more vigilant when I wrote the post about banning the scale and followed an eating plan I’d mentioned in there. (The G-Index Diet: The Missing Link That Makes Permanent Weight Loss Possible) I might’ve seen results then.

Then again, I would’ve given it up again too once I saw some. Seeing the numbers I saw after my blood work, and learning more about just how poorly I was eating, has made me realize I just can’t diet anymore. I have to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Suffice it to say, I have now after being forced to confront my health this year. I’m now down to 180.2. I’m not losing super fast, but that’s okay. I am losing and I’m losing in a healthy way.

So….that’s what I’ve been doing these past few months. Because diabetes would most surely kill me before zombies or aliens. However, with the new tools and knowledge I’ve acquired? I’m getting in better shape than I have been in a very long time and learning what I’ll need to do to survive an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse.





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  1. Ben says:

    Awesome site! And loved this article! I agree, the slimmer you get the better your chances of survival! that said if you pack some extra weight you could get by without food for longer!

    Anyhow brilliant site!


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